Autism and Comedy Symposium

On 30th January 2016 we hosted a one day symposium at the University of Kent, and now you can listen to audio recordings of many of the presentations (unfortunately we do not have audio from the last two presentations).

Keynote from Prof. Michael Fitzgerald (TCD)


Practitioner Panel

Cian Binchy, writer and performer in the The Misfit Analysis

Paul Wady, performer and writer of Guerrilla Aspies

Sarah Hendrickx, comedian and author of Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Academic Presentations

Daniel Bendelman (RCSSD) – ‘It’s Just Not Funny Anymore: The Cripping Up of Aspergers Syndrome in Mainstream Television and the Hegemonies of Representation’

Pat Welsh (Bath Spa) – ‘Humour Appreciation and Production by Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder’

Dr. Shaun May (Kent) – ‘Comedy on the Spectrum: Findings from a Pilot Project on Humour Production in ASD’

Prof. Nicola Shaughnessy (Kent) and Dr. Melissa Trimingham (Kent) – ‘The Funny Thing About Autism: Findings from Imagining Autism’

Dr. Matt Lerner (Stony Brook) and Jack Hanke (Aspergers Are Us) in Conversation


This event was part of a BA/Leverhulme funded project Comedy on the Spectrum: Exploring Humour Production in Adolescents with Autism. 

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